Men's Waxing


LGBT friendly and judgement  -free zone waxing studio.

The Only Place For Men's Waxing


Athletes   Tradies  Policemen  Firefighters  Drivers  Nurses  First-Timers  IT  Call Centre  Engineers Labourers  etc..

Waxing Down Under is the only place to go for Men's Waxing. Waxing Down Under is LGBT friendly and judgement - free zone Waxing Studio.


Our aim is to offer you professional waxing at a price you can afford.


Waxing Down Under is friendly down to earth which will quickly make you feel at ease and provide you with great waxing in a private environment.


Waxing Down Under waxes all day every day. So you can be assured that you are being treated by a guaranteed professional the best person for the job, as well as being in the safest possible hands.