Men's Waxing


Frequently Asked Questions


Waxing Down Under is here to answer all of your FAQ about waxing.




Does hair eventually stop growing with waxing?


Shaving your legs, armpits and bikini area can be time consuming, and the results only last for a day or two. Waxing has more long-term effects, but it does not prevent your hair from growing back within a few weeks. The good news is that if you keep waxing for many years, you may be able to prevent the hair from ever growing back. Once you know more about why this can occur, you can determine if you want to continue waxing.



What type of wax do you use and why?


Depending on the area of the body Waxing Down Under will either use Cartridge Strip Wax or a Hard Wax Beads. Generally, I will use strip wax for large areas of the body, such as Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Stomach, Arms, Legs, Back and Buttock and I will use hard wax for more sensitive areas like the Underarms, Bikini, Brazilian and Inner Buttock.


The Strip Wax that Waxing Down Under uses is made from blended pine tree resins and natural ingredients. Azurelene, an extract of chamomile acts as anti-inflammatory to cool and calm delicate skin. Developed through advanced technology and professional salon advice. Hygienic and spread further than other waxes.


The hard wax, that Waxing Down Under uses is formulated with Titanium Dioxide, Calming and Soothing Lavender Essential Oil. This wax is perfect for all over waxing. It calms the skin on removal and prevents redness and inflames follicles. Hard wax does not require strips. After wax is applied, the wax cools down, hardens and is pulled directly from the skin. The reason I use hard wax for sensitive areas is because it is less aggressive on the skin. Hard wax attaches to the hair and not the skin. Hard wax can also be used on coarser hair than traditional strip wax.



What is Double Dipping and why is it bad?


Double dipping is when an esthetician uses the same wax stick more than once. So that means they dip into the wax, uses it to apply the wax on your skin and puts it back into the wax pot contaminating the wax pot with bacteria and viruses.

What if they pulled a new stick just for you?

They probably did the same thing with the last person and their bacteria are still in the wax pot too. Wax pots are generally refilled throughout the day and more than one service can be typically done from one wax pot.


The wax heater is not hot enough to kill the bacteria and viruses that wax can be contaminated with. No matter where you go, make sure a new wax stick is pulled for every wax pull.


Waxing Down Under NEVER double dip and always wearing gloves and mask for your health and safety as well as Waxing Down Under.



Are there any health benefits of waxing?


None at all, other than mentally building self-esteem and confidence. It is for vanity, cleanliness and sexiness.



How should I prepare for a wax?


Stop shaving and allow the hair to grow for three to four weeks prior to your waxing appointment. Aftercare is more important as the skin should be exfoliated and moisturized a couple of times a week to prevent ingrown hairs.



How often should I be waxed?


Three to four weeks for better results, but everyone's regular is different. Some clients could not wait longer than four weeks.

Then there are the ones that get waxed every couple of months and some just once a year before a holiday.



Does mine look different from others?


I have waxed a lot of men and women and I have never seen one yet that made me look twice. In addition, my job is to wax clients not to compare clients to one another. I have waxed a lot of men and women and I have never seen one yet that made me look twice. In addition, my job is to wax clients not to compare clients to one another. I do my best to put you at ease, and have seen it all. I am professional, unfazed, and will not make you feel embarrassment. I am all business, so there is no funny business!



How close does the waxer actually get to your parts?


I get very close but that is how I get every hair out. I wear gloves and mask and I remove every single hair from the front, back, inside and out.

What does a waxer typically do in the bottom area and why?

I get my clients on their knees on the beauty couch, so that I can remove every single hair from their inner buttock and cheek buttocks.

Customers come to me because of the way that I wax. You might be interested to know that many men tell me if they could only have one body part waxed ever again, it would be their inner buttock or cheek buttock as it makes them feel sexy and confident.



How long will waxing last?


The answer to this question varies from person to person. We all have different rates of hair growth, and some body areas grow back more quickly than others do. Your hair has various cycles of growth as well, so you want to make sure all of your hair is grown out prior to waxing, or else the hair that was not long enough to be removed will grow in a matter of days. For most people results will last from 3-7 weeks.



Will I experience irritation from waxing?


Yes. Again, this answer varies from person to person. Clients who have very fine hair will usually experience a slight redness and tingling sensation similar to sunburn for a few hours after waxing. Those who have very coarse hair can also experience raised bumps around the hair follicle and redness for up to 48 hours. Sometimes waxing coarse hair in very sensitive areas can result in small blood spots from the hair follicle. Usually, facial waxing results in minimal irritation while areas waxed on the body will have a longer recovery period.



I am worried that I may get aroused during my wax


New clients always get anxious about this as it can happen, but it does pass quite quickly and does not affect the treatment itself. However, any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave and pay the full service amount. This is a professional waxing only.