Men's Waxing




Waxing Down Under has a new Booking Policy for Men's Waxing designed to protect not only Waxing Down Under bottom line and in turn, Waxing Down Under affordability, but also to keep things fair for all clients.


Take a moment to read the Policy below, it is important that you become fully aware and understand about the new Policy.



Bookings & Cancellation


Waxing Down Under accepts bookings via text: 0400484273 or email


Please provide your Full Name, Address, Email and Contact number for the booking process.


New Client: A 45% non refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment. Your booking will not be secured until Waxing Down Under has received the transfer receipt. 


When making an appointment, we will email you either an Invoice or the bank details that the 45% deposit will need to be transferred into. Once we have received a copy or a screen shot of the transfer receipt, your booking will be secured. The deposit is then taken off your full service total on the day of your appointment, you only have to pay the difference. 


Rescheduling your appointment - The 45% booking fee will be transferred to your next appointment allowing their has been 24 hours notice.

If the appointment has been cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice, the 45% deposit will not be refunded or transferred to your next appointment.


Your appointment time has been specially reserved just for you. 


No-shows and last minute cancellations enormously disadvantage Waxing Down Under. This also means that other clients cannot book those time slots with Waxing Down Under. I hope that you will appreciate the introduction of Waxing Down Under new Booking and Cancellation policy.


Waxing Down Under understand that sometimes you may need to change your booking. Waxing Down Under kindly request 24 hours notice so that Waxing Down Under can offer that time slot to another client.


Waxing Down Under cannot accept messages left with less than 1 hour notice as it is insufficient notice - as Waxing Down Under will not have enough time to try to re-book your time slot. In this case your deposit will not be refunded.


By booking an appointment with Waxing Down Under you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Waxing Down Under implemented this new Policy as we had a bad experience in the past.


Thank you for your understanding.




Waxing Down Under recommend arriving 5 minutes early prior to your appointment as forms are required to be filled in and this will not use your "actual treatment time". Your waxing service appointment can last from around 15 minutes to as much as 1 hour, which depends on the area. So please make sure you have enough time for your appointment. Even if you want to finish early and your treatment is not finish, you will still require to pay the FULL AMOUNT.




If you are running late, Waxing Down Under will try to accommodate you the best the Waxing Down Under can, however Waxing Down Under may not be able to perform the full service, and you will still require to pay in full amount.

Change of mind

Please be advised that whilst performing a waxing and you changed your mind not to proceed with the full service, you will still require to pay in full amount.



Appointment Only

No walk-ins: Waxing Down Under would love walk-in; however, Waxing Down Under cannot guarantee a space. In addition, Waxing Down Under does not like clients to wait, when they can do something else rather than waiting. If you need a certain time or want to come in with a friend Waxing Down Under recommend messaging or email prior for an appointment.