Some waxing tips to help you prepare, know what to expect and prevent side effects and unnecessary pain.

Waxing Tip



Be clean and dry, jump in the shower before you come in if you can but don’t put any moisturizer when you jump out. It’s always good to wear some loose clothing and cotton undies. If you are particularly sensitive you could try to take some pain relief before your appointment. It really isn't that bad!

MEN - Leave about one quarter of an inch of hair before waxing so that the wax can adhere, this is approximately 3-4 weeks of hair growth.

​WOMEN - your hair must be at least half to one centimeter  for the best possible finish. If it is too short you may notice the second stage of hair will grow back about a week after.


No matter where you're waxing, check the skin before you go in for your appointment. Broken skin or inflammation needs to heal before you're ready to wax. If you have moles or beauty marks, point them out to the esthetician so they can be protected during the waxing process.


Exfoliate your skin a day or two before waxing, but skip harsh scrubs the day of your waxing appointment. Exfoliation helps wax grab hair and not skin, but it can also leave skin more sensitive to pain, so lighter is better. A rough washcloth is perfect for gentle exfoliation, but don't scrub too hard.


Moisturize well on the days leading up to your appointment. Healthy, well-moisturized skin allows the wax to release more easily. Too much moisturizer could coat the hair and interfere with the wax's grip, so avoid moisturizing on the day of your waxing session.